Zulekha Abid

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

My final major project is formed on the centre of South Korean fashion which is based around the brand Stylenanda.

The past 4 years of my university experience has allowed me to strengthen my industry skills, including: Creativity, Time management and organisation.

My final year work has helped shaped where I want to take my career which has helped me grow in independence. The South Korean fashion industry is what has inspired me to take a creative direction which is shown throughout the success of my dissertation as well as my final major project. My Dissertation represented the dissemination of Kpop fashion culture that goes hand-in-hand with my final major project being based on a South Korean brand, which focuses on bringing exclusive pop-up shop into the UK with marketing from South Korean girl group ‘Secret Number’. This allowed me to demonstrate the rise of Korean popular culture through mainstream media which successfully promotes the launch through Selfridges.

My degree has helped me gain creative skills on multiple platforms. Understanding the gap in the market for South Korean fashion shows the diversity needed to create an original idea.

Knowing I can be proud of my own strengths has allowed me to take more initiative to develop and start my career within marketing, which only motivates me further to achieve my dream.




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