lily Harpham

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

As part of my creative work ethic through fashion marketing, my style is a combination of branding, imagination and promotion. My degree within this university experience has allowed me to explore and express these elements that have led me to this industry that I have studied. A unique, innovative and outgoing personality and profession is what I can offer to a future employee or those who I have worked with in the past both at university and past job roles. A great strength of mine is that I am myself a determined worker and student, an example of this is when I completed my dissertation. I was strongminded when it came to this specific project. Being driven has also been reflected throughout my university experience. With this degree I would like to expand my experience within this job sector and become a head of marketing for an online fashion-based business and to explore different aspects of online fashion through jounery and undergoing alternative fashion cultures that I will come across when travelling for my career pathway. Having over 5 years experience within the retail and fashion Industry has given me a knowledge on fashion marketing overall.

*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are in no way linked to the existing companies.