Niamh Honey

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

I am a Fashion Brand Marketing graduate, enthusiastic about marketing and enriching the connection between consumers and brands. I have gained experience as a licensing sales intern within the licensed apparel team at The Walt Disney Company- where I developed my skills in digital marketing, pitching, product development, market penetration strategies, market research and financial forecasting. I also developed my knowledge of various ways to reach consumers, from influencer gifting to the creation of PR packages. I also regularly created product moodboard and mock-ups based on upcoming brand campaigns, to encourage growth within the licensed apparel business.

During my studies at the University of Huddersfield, particularly in my final year, I gained an in-depth understanding of how to apply my marketing skills into projects that have the ability to be translated into the real world. I also gained a strong understanding of how to translate market research and data into evidence-backed findings and recommendations, and I believe this is one of the most beneficial skills I have learnt during my studies.

*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are not linked to the brands.




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