Amy Stott

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

My degree has given me the tools and knowledge to understand the market effectively. Final year has enabled me to work on what I enjoy the most and has cemented my career choice for the future. I am a confident, hardworking and motivated person who strives to reach my full potential and achieve the best. Whilst undergoing my 3 year university degree I have learned many new skills such as Adobe Photoshop and Indesign as well as a high level of research skills and critical thinking. I have developed and strengthened my time management skills enabling me to meet deadlines in a timely manner. All the skills learned will help me achieve a marketing role within my future career. Final year has enabled me to perfect my skills and work on my weaknesses. From Advanced Fashion Practice to Dissertation and then my Final Major Project honing in on event plans, communications campaigns, look books and the effects social media has on traditional marketing techniques. My Dissertation titled ‘Will Social Media Be The End of Traditional Marketing Techniques Used By Fashion Retailers?’ included research of social media campaigns for both Instagram and TikTok, the use of influencer marketing compared to traditional marketing techniques such as billboards, magazines, newspapers, television and radio advertisements.

*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are in no way linked to the existing companies.