Brooke Shirt

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

Throughout my academic journey at Huddersfield University, I feel with each year that has passed I have come into my own as a fashion creative from the many different assignments I have completed and feel fully accomplished with my dissertation. Writing my dissertation was one of my favourite modules as it grew my skill set as an academic as it got me to not only develop my writing skills, but enabled me to look at how I analyse work and explore different perspectives within a certain topic, giving me more knowledge into the industry such as the positive and negative parts of it. Currently I have an ongoing final major project which is about creating an innovative approach to fashion researching and with this has emerged an extension of the charity Mind called Good Fortune which has been created to help the general public through the cost-of-living crisis in the UK. Good Fortune will be different to a normal charity shop as it will be a hybrid between a charity shop and a community hub, where the public can come together to talk and receive support as well as find clothing and products, they need that are affordable and sustainable. This promotes wellbeing during the cost-of-living crisis due to the effects it has had on people’s mental health. As a compassionate and dedicated individual, a personal achievement of mine is the charity work I have done in the past year. Walking 100 miles for Cancer Research UK and raising over £200 and again walking 56 mines for the charity Refuge and raising nearly £100 has given me a great sense of accomplishment as not only have I improved my own mental health I am also helping other people in a much more vulnerable position than myself. Mental health is something I am passionate about and will be getting more involved in in the future when my studies have finished. I would also like to bring awareness around mental health into my future fashion work. My degree being fashion brand marketing the goal after graduation is to secure a job within either visual mechanising, PR or social media management as I feel I have best develop those skills during my studies that apply to these job roles.


*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are no way linked to the existing companies.