Eloise Wailes

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

My Fashion Marketing degree has allowed me to develop my skills in marketing strategy, event planning, and collateral creation, as well as expanding my digital knowledge to create cuttng-edge assets in Adobe. My confidence to take ownership of projects, pursue new ways of execution and thrive in fast-paced environments, means my skillset is well-rounded and ready for an industry role. Throughout my final year, I have explored key themes of diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry which was further expanded on in my dissertation. My Final Major Project explored an innova.ve concept for second-hand resale in the activewear industry and how this market is underserved. For my placement year, I spent time developing my design and marke.ng services business. I worked with business development advisors and industry professionals to expand my knowledge across all areas of running a business, from financial responsibili.es to marketing and client-facing roles. My business social media following grew by 150%, my services were fully booked throughout the year, and I was awarded Best Pitch of the year among my cohort. Being self-employed means I am incredibly driven, reliable, and organised which has ensured the continued success of my business alongside my studies at university.

*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are in no way linked to the existing companies.