Lily Collins

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

am a hardworking, passionate person who has an eye for detail and a love for creativity. From a young age I have been obsessed by different patterns, fabrics, quirky things and anything that’s a little odd!! I see the beauty in all things. Overtime as my love for fashion grew I began exploring where this could take me in the future. I decided to take textiles as a GCSE choice in school and it allowed me to learn many different elements of the fashion industry, there was a heavy focus on marketing, how companies sell a product but also how a product was made, right from designing to the manufacturing. Furthermore, from this I decided to explore my options at college, I decided to pursue my love for creativity and began my Diploma in art and design. My time at college taught me so much, that art and fashion have no boundaries and that not everyone has the gift of being able to see beauty in anything. My next step was university where I started studying Fashion Brand Marketing, I have grown in so many ways throughout my degree, I have gained knowledge, confidence and a new-found understanding of what it is to become a marketer in this ever-growing industry. My first lecture will always stick with me, we talked about what it is a brand is selling to us as consumer? Its more than a product or an experience, it’s a lifestyle. This is when I knew I was doing the right course and that the power of marketing was huge and something I wanted to be apart of.

*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are no way linked to the existing companies.