Rosie-May Delaney

Fashion Brand Marketing BA(Hons)

Studying fashion marketing at the University of Huddersfield has provided much self-growth, personally and professionally. For my third-year placement, I carried out a London-based internship, working for PUMA's marketing team. The role focused on the Frasers Group account, where they own brands with all type of specialisms such as high-street, luxury and sport. I was given access to many opportunities such as: leading brand conversations and growth within the business as well as presenting strategic plans to our internal team heads. I also managed account and asset relationships, specifically when assisting on photoshoots with brand ambassadors. PUMA continues to teach me the importance of time management, organisation, and the creative value that I can really bring to any team, as I have been kept on as a PUMA consultant for my final year. My final major project is driven by recognising that it is becoming increasingly more expensive to travel and that cabin luggage is the best option, when budgeting. Acting as Weekday's theoretical marketing director, I am creating a marketing report outlining the 'Explorer' campaigns' implementation plan consisting of a brand social media roll-out, an influencer strategy, a teaser video, a look book and more. *The work in is in no way linked to existed companies used in my university projects, apart from my PUMA work*