Amy Stiff

Fashion Creative Direction BA(Hons)

With a determination to utilise the skills and experiences that I have obtained as a Fashion Creative Direction graduate, I am motivated to find a career path in the heritage sector of the industry. I believe that history is a fundamental aspect of society and should be protected as we thrive in this modern age. I am motivated to share historical events because, with education and awareness, we can strive to create a better future. Specialising in marketing and communications, digital content creation and event management, I am also particularly adept at research and writing. This is a skill that I developed at a volunteering position for English Heritage and my First Class dissertation which evaluates the role of Vogue during the Second World War. During my time at university, I have also strengthened my skills in visual merchandising, project management, image and film making, with a mix of leadership and teamwork opportunities. I am looking to secure a challenging position where I can develop my skills and gain experience in an environment that values the history of fashion and offers an opportunity for career development.




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