Rebecca Dunkin

Fashion Creative Direction BA(Hons)

As a fashion ‘creative direction’ graduate, I am someone who takes great joy in expressive culture, whether that be communication through fashion, music, art or film.

I am eager to gain further insight into the industry that has helped mold me and would love to see my skills develop alongside other like-minded creatives.

During my time at university I discovered an underlying interest for graphics and visual communications, a skill which was heavily incorporated into my final major project, which allowed me to put a stamp on my own definitive style. It was a celebration of my two key interests; fashion and music, to which I produced a magazine publication to celebrate the 20th anniversary of fashion retailer and cultural hub Size?.

In line with this, my dissertation focused on exploring the relationship between fashion and rap/hip hop through the eras. A topic close to my heart which brought me great joy and fulfilment.

When reflecting back upon my final year I look back and appreciate the opportunity I was given to create work which reflected me as a creative. It has not only helped to shape me for the future but it has taught me that with passion comes true, pure interest and that this is the direction you should always follow.