Finlaye Hutchinson

Fashion Creative Direction BA(Hons)

As a Fashion Creative Direction graduate, I am keenly pursuing a career within the fashion industry, obtaining avid interest in digital marketing, styling and content creation. I am a bright and articulate individual with excellent communication skills, as well as being enthusiastic, reliable and creative with a desire to succeed.

Throughout my four years at university, I have gained valuable skills and excelled in projects that have required a strong creative vision, as well as elements of styling and digital development, of which have been portrayed throughout my carefully curated portfolio. Furthermore, I have also gained extensive knowledge regarding consumer interests and evolving trends, having rigorously analysed their relevance within the fashion industry and the impact they provide over time.

Having worked as a sales associate and completed industry work as a PR and Marketing intern, I have been able to gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer desires, allowing me to sufficiently build my marketing skills. These are skills that have been extensively demonstrated throughout my final major project, the concept of which included a re-brand of vintage store Pop Boutique, employing appropriate marketing tactics to appeal to their target audience, as well as provoke a collaboration between Pop Boutiques vintage character and a new age society.

*This work has been produced purely as a university project*



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