Husain Momonait

Fashion Creative Direction BA(Hons)

University has had a significant impact on my fashion knowledge and personal development, throughout my studies I have assumed the role of business owner and curator of online vintage designer store, Ruder Than The Rest. This degree has allowed me to develop and learn skills that have been utilised in the development and advancement of the business.

Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the course, I have become proficient in various areas, for example, marketing, creative direction, styling, photography, and videography. The dissertation module gave me the opportunity to investigate the vintage fashion market in detail and allowed me to further develop my research and academic writing skills. In addition to this, the Enterprise Placement Year allowed me to run the business full time with the knowledge and expertise of the business advisors and this experience gave me the confidence to pursue full-time entrepreneurship upon graduating.

Most final year briefs were based on my vintage fashion business, the final major project relaunched the brand in a concept collaboration with Selfridges*, which included an event plan, conceptual pop-up space, advertising, and a marketing plan. 

*Referred to as part of a university project.




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