Sehar Ahmed

Fashion Creative Direction BA(Hons)

My time at university has been very valuable for me as during the process, I have discovered myself and my vision as an artist and creator. As a Fashion Creative Direction graduate, I have learnt that it is important for me to trust my vision and skills as this will lead me to stay true to myself as an artist. This course has allowed me to express myself and show off my talent and skills, especially during the last two years of this study, as I have discovered that I have a passion within visual communication focusing on fashion film and photography. I have gained work experience within fashion film and photography by working for small brands; creating content and creatively directing their projects. I have utilised the skills I have learned through this course and implemented them in my work in the industry and this is a big achievement for me as this has allowed me to build my identity as an artist, and gain valuable experience moving forward to build a career within the industry. For my final major project, I created an online interactive lookbook, for a modest streetwear brand which aimed to address the stereotypical views regarding dressing within the Modest fashion industry. Within this project I have demonstrated extensive photographic and creative directive skills specialising in my interests, and I am grateful for this opportunity as I discovered my passion as an artist and creator.