Darja Niurkiene

Fashion Creative Direction BA(Hons)

Three years of studying Fashion Creative Direction at the University of Huddersfield gave me invaluable knowledge of the fashion industry and allowed me to develop my creative and professional abilities in the implementation of various projects. My passion and strong skills are research, communication projects, and trend forecast reports, which allow me to reach my potential and apply creative thinking. Moreover, implementing these projects gave me a deep understanding of where the fashion industry is moving today and what consumers are interested in. The time spent at the university, my personal work experience, and the gained knowledge helped me to understand that fashion includes not only an aesthetic meaning but also has a tremendous social impact. In this regard, the idea for my Major Final Project was a communication campaign for a well-known brand in support of women in the UK who have ever experienced or currently experiencing mental health issues. As a graduate of Fashion Creative Direction, I am looking forward to further growth and development. In the future, I would like to seek for a career in marketing and communication or trend forecast reporting.

*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are in no way linked to the existing companies.