Becky Davies

Fashion Creative Direction BA(Hons)

I have come into my fashion education with a distinct perspective in which I portray in my work. Whether it is a magazine about sustainability or a clothing line for children with disabilities, I have many passions that I can use to contribute towards a more diverse fashion industry. I have always felt drawn to sustainability within fashion, and when I began studying fashion creative direction I learnt what I could do towards a more sustainable fashion industry. As a result, I created a few magazines that highlighted sustainability and what we could be doing as creative directors within this area. This has also affected my shopping habits and I tend to be a conscious shopper. I have developed in myself especially in my final major project, as I ensure that the things I am promoting are within sustainability in fashion, in particular, I decided to use recycled paper to create the physical magazines. Additionally, in my personal development I have become more confident in myself and my ideas. As a result, I am able to motivate myself to work hard on something I enjoy doing. I can take this skill further into my career and not doubt myself and share my ideas. *Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are in no way linked to the existing companies.