Marlon Bethell

Fashion Creative Direction BA(Hons)

As a mature student I came to university with a lot of life experience. I had travelled a lot and met many people from all sorts of different cultures, this gave me a greater understanding into people and communication. I have used this to help myself expand and grow even more throughout my time the University of Huddersfield, studying Fashion Creative Direction. Over the course of my time here, I have also excelled in other aspects outside of university, like creating a successful YouTube account about my cycling adventures, the most popular one being me cycling the length of the UK. Also creating the foundation for my own clothing brand whilst also teaching myself how to design, sew and create my own garments. At university I thoroughly enjoyed creating a fashion magazine with a team of colleagues, as I love working as part of a team and being able to bounce ideas of each other. I also particularly loved taking an enterprise year where it taught how to work productively by myself and to have confidence in my work. My final project entails everything I have been working towards since I started and will be the final touches to my enterprise year by creating a functioning website, holding photoshoots and designing a collaboration with my current employers. This will not just improve my business but will also help my employers brand expand in to new territory.

*Please note all brands used within my work are part of university projects and are no way linked to the existing companies.