Carol Carvalho

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

This directional and expressive menswear collection draws attention to male mental health, emphasised through its brand identity - ‘state of mind'; a prevalent message and key detail that has been machine-embroidered on pieces throughout the collection. Each piece appeals to introverts and extroverts alike, expressing a personality of its own, yet inviting the wearer to conjure their own narrative whilst evoking consciousness of our actions and environment. The use of technology is evident through the design elements within the collection, whilst the use of deadstock materials, and considered production methods, raise awareness of, and contribute to, the fashion industry's addressing of the global environmental crisis.
My research for this collection began at the Tate, London. France-Lise McGurn’s 'sleepless' artwork inspired the mood through her expression of
loss, protectiveness, space, and consciousness; McGurn explores the experience of living in a city through themes of socialising, chaos, and movement. Further research into Jackson Pollock’s technique of action motion correlated with McGurn’s swift brush strokes; inspiration drawn from utilitarian wear and ’90's styling synchronises simplicity and complexity through a redefined silhouette, detailing, and functionality.