Millicent Barker

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

The collection is called ‘Northern Links’, taking shape and colour inspiration from initial research held at the London Underground, Northern Line extension. Silhouette inspiration came from the Northern Underground rave scene in the 90s, combined with the glamour of Studio 54, the two distinctive eras were merged. This, in turn, formed a collection encapsulating glamorous swimwear, which can be repurposed for everyday wear. The collection also showcases bright sporty rave attire, including outerwear and trousers seen during these inspirational eras.

When it came to researching the underground rave scene, I wanted to find some inspiration linking to the North being a northern girl myself. Whilst researching, a style of hardcore dance called Bouncy techno appeared, developed in Scotland and Northern England in the early 90s. The Research continued and focused on nightclubs in the 1970s and the defining era of disco, focusing primarily on the well-renowned celebrity hang out, Studio 54.

The colour pallet for the collection was taken from photographs of the underground works, also linking back to the builders and their uniforms. The final collection comprises of a range of high-quality materials including recycled nylon for all the swimwear, along with outerwear constructed from dead-stock fabrics.