Molly Terner-Swift

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

I am a fashion design with marketing and production graduate with experience in womenswear and lingerie. I am very passionate about creating pieces that make the wearer feel empowered, allowing them to express themselves freely in todays society. I aim to be a part of the driving force that pushes important movements forward, pushing and changing the boundaries and issues in the fashion industry.
My graduate collection is all about creating fashion for the bold, modern woman, with an alternative and unique style.This collection responds to movements within feminism, addressing issues on what is deemed ‘acceptable’ for women to wear. Inspired by the punk and grunge scenes of the 80’s, focusing on popular icons of the time such as Debbie Harry and Vivienne Westwood. The attitude and styles of that time have been translated into modern fashion, utilising the underwear-as-outerwear trend, to create risqué pieces with a message.