Alice Hill

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

Not Sample Size has been influenced by the curves and contours of the body. It identifies the effects of body image on fashion and how clothes can empower people and change the view of their bodies. All bodies should feel inclusive within the fashion industry. Body size should not dictate what a person can and cannot wear. This collection allows the wearer to thrive and feel confident in what she wears; without the lack of size availability or representation. This collection is sustainable through the use of both zero-waste pattern cutting in some of the pieces and the transformable element within each of the six main outerwear pieces. The transformative element of each design allows there to be a potential of 2 or 3 outfits from just one piece of clothing. Comfort is a main goal of this collection. Support bands, smoothing panels and the use of flattering shapes are all used to boost the wearers confidence. These elements are introduced to the design without being restrictive or too compressive to provide extra support when needed. Sheer fabrics are a staple within the collection, mimicking the idea of stretch marks on the body.