Angel Adjenughure

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

My name is Angel Adjenughure. I am a Fashion design with Marketing final year student. My final year work centred around mental health of which I chose to focus on dissociative identity disorder. Art is often used as a therapeutic method to aide those that suffer with mental health issues, knowing this I wanted to try and translate that into fashion. Both collections are heavily visual, I created a multitude of bold prints from a design I created and transformed into 7 colour ways that I used across my 2 collections.
For my first collection is targeted towards a high-end market therefore, I experimented with embroidery as it was a classically aesthetic practise that you rarely see in menswear and which I feel I gives off a high-end feel. And with an understanding of the market, I was able to produce a series of marketing material that best showcased my collection.
My second collection is women’s wear, the collection is seasonal and made for women who like to travel and have new experiences. The collection is inspired by the bohemian aesthetic however, the bright colours and patterns makes this collection bright and fun.
Although both collections take inspiration form the same themes, I was able to create two drastically different styles, feels and atmospheres.