Marcella Lim

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

I am a recent fashion design graduate specialised in digital technology based in the UK. Over the 3-year course, I have learned many industry-related skills such as concept & trend research, fabrication, CAD, pattern drafting & digitising, technical packages, also sewing and illustration skills. The design thinking I approach to the work I create is sophisticated elegance and often very conceptual, thus I am able to create unique design that holds special meaning behind each collection. I am proficient in using CAD, including Photoshop, OPTITEX and LCO 3D PDS. Through my final year major project, I have successfully visualised my chosen interest of Wabi-Sabi concept into 3 constructed outfits developed from my 6-outfit-line-up. The continuous development of technology has encouraged me to implement them in the advanced presentation of my FMP, through a Virtual Fashion Show project. Not only I can I expand my target market by showcasing my collection in the global market beyond the limitation of time and space, but it also supports sustainability in my design process through virtual pattern development and fabric exploration, which minimise sampling waste during the product development stage. I am excited to use the customisation feature in creating unique pieces altered for my future clients which would create opportunities for sustainable business model in the fashion industry.