Mathilde Lenes

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

Skuld is an activist brand inspired by the environmental crisis and the destruction of wildlife. The brand is North-European and takes inspiration from urbanisation and endangered species in Scandinavia. The capsule collection ‘Save Our Souls’ is inspired by just this, through taking the elements from endangered species like the bumblebee or a bridge built in Oslo. Shapes from the bridge and the bumblebee’s wings has inspired shapes in the collection. The collection has a background of activism and includes statements meant to send a strong message. Skuld wants to highlight the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion through using deadstock and natural, undyed materials. Skuld wants to make a mix of evert day staple pieces that can last for years in your wardrobe, and statement pieces that stands out and sends a message of change and encourages you to stand up for your opinions.