Hannah Hussain

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

Chaand is a brand rooted in culture and faith. The aim of the brand is to introduce a modern street style through Western silhouette designs based on modest wear, which could be styled in various ways and worn multiple times. Chaand gracefully unearths individuality rooted within people. The main source of inspiration for all collections will be something taken from the South Asian Culture more specifically Pakistani culture. Chaand will have religious teachings infused into the brand. The brand itself is called Chaand, which translates from Urdu, 'The Moon? The moon holds great significance in the religion Chaand will represent being a light out of the darkness to people. Chaand is a brand to help reach a space where current trends can coexist with modesty. Representing diversity within the industry giving the opportunity for modest-conscious customers to be expressive to add their own perspective of creativity to the fashion industry and to be themselves with fair representation to create a safe space for all people helping Muslims with the struggles they face to dress modestly in today's society. Chaand is aligned with religious requirements and morals influenced by culture with an innovative flair which allows people to embrace themselves.