Morgan Moss

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

I am a soon to be graduate of the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Fashion Design with Marketing and Production. Reaction is my collection created with inspiration from the world of Formula One and fashion surrounding it. The inspiration is derived from the history, the drivers, the cars, and the tracks themselves. Having come more popular recently due to a Netflix series, fashion and formula one and combining now more than ever. This collection is androgynous and one of my reasons for having it like this was because I feel it lends itself to my beliefs in sustainability, equality, and inclusivity. I created a three-outfit collection accompanied by design boards, concept, mood, and customer boards as well as a technical package. Throughout my years at university this are just some of the skills I have learnt, specialising in marketing has given me a look into the fashion market and how to figure my way around it to get the best result for whomever needs it. I am most passionate about androgynous wear, organising and executing events.