Vienna Rachelle Lodge

Fashion Design with Marketing and Production BA(Hons)

My Graduate Collection has been inspired by my family history of being textile mill workers from Bradford and Huddersfield. From my great- grandparents and spanning nine generations, covering prior to, during and post Industrial Revolution, my family held a variety of roles within the textile mills contributing to Yorkshires reputation for the generation and distribution of woven textiles. The concept behind my collection, Forty7 Forty 8, which was named in honour of my late grandparents, has allowed me to connect with my ancestry and develop a collection which pays homage to this. Forty 7 Forty8 is a trans-seasonal womenswear and lingerie collection, combining Yorkshire wools with lace and satin to develop a feminine and contemporary aesthetic. The collection draws inspiration from my family heritage and georgian upperclass fashion, combining this with the lingerie skills I developed during my placement year; promoting the concept of underwear as outerwear. Forty7 Forty8 will act as a catalyst to increase awareness about Bradford and Yorkshire's prominent role within the Industrial Revolution; as the rise of steam engines and steam powered machinery allowed Yorkshire to become a powerhouse for the production of woollen textiles; an often overlook or omitted part of the county’s history.