Brooke Reeves

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

My womenswear collection is inspired by my own reptiles/insects, which I have a great passion for collecting and keeping as pets. My primary aim for this collection is to have a completely sustainable approach, which I also try to apply to my daily life. I want to be able to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible, so the fabric and materials sourced for this project are completely up-cycled. I specifically chose denim and jumpers in order to create unique, casual, up-cycled looks, using techniques such as patchwork and weaving to combine the up-cycled materials into this A/W collection. A combination of bright colours, sourced through my research, create stand-out weaving against the denim patchwork.

As a designer, I hope that this final collection reflects the beauty of reptiles and insects and the importance of facing important issues such as sustainability and considering recycling.