Ellie Dash

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

My womenswear collection ‘la Naturel’, responds to the ways in which sustainability is approached through fashion design. The collection's concept evolved through discovering waste plastic that is washed up on beaches; I wanted to incorporate this ever-increasing issue within my design practice becasue plastic is one form of waste that is most commonly seen, and the unusual shapes that nature moulds the rubbish into provided the inspiration of 'organised chaos' within my design work.

My collection takes an organic approach by sourcing materials that have been organically grown, sustainably harvested and woven to reduce any further harm as a result of my collection. I have evolved a sustainable approach to contemorary design, combining embellished laser-cutting and hand-dyed linings with contemporary geometric designs. Historical research into hand-dyeing techniques informed my fabric treatments, using berries and fruit, dyeing natural materials such as cotton, wool and silks and mixing them with un-dyed natural materials such as hemp and bamboo.