Emma Washington

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

I have always had a love for all things floral. Throughout my life, I have being inspired by the beautiful nature we are surrounded by every day. As a child, I observed both of my Grandmothers caring for their gardens; my Great Grandmother amd I used to pick flowers from her garden and paint them together. I wanted to create a collection that brought me happiness whilst keeping my childhood memories alive; this collection acknowledges these memories, translatimg them through into a contemporary
womenswear collection.
The collection grew organically from my love of florals, which evolved into a contemporary interpretation of ‘floral’. I began by photographing flowers and unusual plants in my own garden at home; then, developing traditional floral drawings into stylised line-drawings, I manipulated the scale and created layers where bold block colours were used as backgrounds. These stark floral representations have been placed alongside block colours of yellow, hot pink, turquoise and silver and transformed into exagerrated silhouettes. Although starting from a place of comfort and familiarity, this collection is not for the shrinking violet; my collection exudes drama and confidence; as will the woman who wears it.