Gracie Walsh

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

Distorphia is a collection based on distortion, illusion and perception.Inspired by various artists such as olafur Eliasson and the 'in real life' exhibition at the Tate, Bridget Riley and the early OP Art 'Gouache' mind altering paintings and finally David Hockney's photo collage pieces of work.
Each artist and their work had one thing in common, that I found interesting- there use of illusion through different mediums, Eliasson's interesting use of light, Riley's use of colour dilution and dispersion and Hockney's collage perspective.
Whilst looking through museums for other inspiring works of illusion I became interested in period historical fashion pieces from the 1700- to early 1900's, mostly undergarments used to create a ever changing 'Desirable silhouette' for the human body. Coupled along with my theme of illusion I realised I could incorporate aspects of these historical pieces help achieve a 'Body illusion'.
‘Distorphia’ my collections aims to create pieces that use the theme of illusion and distortion to alter the body via perception. I wanted to create unique garments using my original art work, making a clever optical illusions on the body. Stand out pieces to stand against idealistic body image.