Hafsah Iqbal

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

The fashion industry has a mental health problem, and so, “The Happy Place” has been created. This knitwear-focussed womenswear collection has been designed to comfort us, empower us, and remind us that fashion is a beautiful thing. Hand-knitting is associated with bringing a meditative feeling to the knitter; it helps to relieve stress and brings a sense of serenity. By doing do so, it highlights the positive impact hand-knitting has on well-being, and the contribution it has towards the slow-fashion movement.
The collection promotes, and aims to encourage, a positive, feel-good energy to uplift and balance our well-being; a positive mental attitude that stays with us through our working day, and our leisure time. The fashion industry is amazing - from the hard working, determined intern to CEOs - so, let’s celebrate all the individuals that contribute to its dynamism and diversity.
My career intention is to launch my own hand-knitwear brand with a focus on promoting the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion, as well as reminding individuals of the importance of positive well-being.