Helen Lockwood

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

Artificial Ecosystems: as a child, I was always encouraged to explore history and nature in all of its entirety. I often visited public gardens, exhibitions and nature days with my grandmother who regularly encouraged creativity and viewing all things objectively with an open mind.
This high-end womenswear collection is inspired by the juxtaposition of Victorian glasshouses and the natural forms they house. This concept, combined with modern artworks promoting the integral part bees play on society, forms the main stimulus for my design work.
Throughout my studies, I have always been drawn to the idea of creating ‘new fabrications’ by fully covering garments with my bold textiles developments. Keeping this aesthetic alive, I developed textiles alongside my collection which would create texture and movement in the garments whilst being conscious of the affects these applications have on the environment. As such, some of the textile techniques utilise both the intended and the residual, making these aspects zero-waste. With my knowledge for, and interest in, athleisure, sportswear-inspired construction techniques, combined with a directional high-fashion silhouettes, define the aesthetic of this collection.