Lydia Gray

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

This high-end high-street collection has been inspired by sixties classic cars and the youth fashion that emerged in the sixties. Before this era young woman dressed like their mothers, meaning the sixties has a sense of empowerment and fun that I wanted to explore. The initial inspiration behind this collection was a classic car show, specifically sixties cars. This lead me to research the culture and fashion of the decade. I went to visit the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A Museum; this allowed me to understand what silhouettes would work today. It was important for the collection to remain contemporary and commercial while maintaining the fun aspect inspired by the sixties. Within this collection I have tried to blend the youthful and fun style taken from sixties fashion, focusing on Mary Quants designs, alongside the classic style from the sixties cars. It is important the collection consists of elevated basics, meaning customers can re-wear garments for years. I have been studying Fashion Design with Textiles, my specialism is handmade beads and digital print which features throughout my main collection, my bead work features unique studding and flat beads, which works well with my commercial collection.