Mah-a Munir

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

My womenswear collection draws inspiration from an American artist Danny Lane, who specialises in contemporary glass furniture and sculptures. To construct the glass sculptures, he explores the strength of the float glass under compression and its qualities of luminosity. His work intrigued me to apply his innovative ideas using various materials. I have designed a futuristic collect that reflects the layering and luminosity of the sculptures through the choice of fabrics, colour palette and textile print design.

My collection consists of six pieces, the fabrics I used were of diverse selection stretch jersey, scuba, lycra for the sportswear elements. Wool, leather, and soft frosted pvc were used for structured outwear pieces to create a strong, balanced commercial collection. I also added metal fastenings inspired by nuts and bolts used to assemble the sculptures, that reflect the streetwear aesthetic. I also developed and outsourced digital prints that enhance my collection to create a minimalistic range of sportswear/streetwear.

I have really enjoyed the whole process of creating my final collection, from concept development, design, through to textile creation and manufacture. My future plan is to gain experience in the industry as a womenswear designer working with a brand who specialise in sportswear/streetwear.