Molly Lee

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

We are now experiencing an environmental crisis, where consumers are now looking for more sustainable options from the fashion industry; this was the starting point for my graduate womenswear collection. After observing “Venus of the Rags” by Michelangelo Pistiletto at the Tate gallery, this influenced my vision of re-purposing materials to create inspiring pieces for a more sustainable future. For me, this piece of art portrays the unrecognised beauty of what we already possess.

My collection 'Sustain and Transform' takes inspiration from my Nan, an ex-seamstress of military parachutes, who constructed her own wedding dress from parachute silk. As a sustainable designer, my focus was to prevent resources from going to landfill by transforming pre-owned garments/materials into innovative, up-cycled, statement pieces. In the hope that consumers will appreciate and value the forgotten skill of dressmaking and move on from the generation of throwaway fashion.
My textiles research explores various up-cycle/repair techniques with patchwork, darning and Sashiko as my initial focus. However, through sampling and mark-making, my patchwork motifs translated through into print designs that are featured throughout my collection and provide an urban graphic style.