Olivia Jones-Gomersall

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

Bondage is a mental stimulator helping many individuals escape reality. It is an act which helps lower stress-entering a world of meditation. The collections explore a range of silhouettes and techniques portraying the influence of BDSM. The style of clothing in the collections allows an individual to be confident whilst expressing themselves. BDSM is a fantasy and a mask to cover who you are when your mind isn't conscious. The garments are their masks on the outside, allowing that inner self to remain. It's an all-round stimulator. Both ranges are gender-neutral. The denim range is portraying bondage through an alternate way showing that it isn't just leather which speaks BDSM. Leatherette and denim have similar elements; durability, security, restriction and structure-all in which BDSM is identified for. Leather is the main identifier for bondage which is why I wanted to use denim to show that it's still recognisable as BDSM. The collections include a textiles technique called Macrame reflecting Japanese rope bondage. I didn’t want to take the style of knotting as a direct influence, I wanted to see how else it can be reflected. The Macrame element is simple, when you look closer the detail will be highly intricate.