Rhiannon Clark

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

Ever since I can remember I have been heavily influenced by Rock ‘n’ Roll music, to be more precise, The Beatles. This inspired me to delve into the sounds of the sixties. I have been fascinated with the innovative Mod music, fashions and their arrogant attitudes. ‘Quadrophenia’ resonates with me on a personal level. It perfectly captures how I was feeling whilst growing up, knowing I was different to other teenagers my own age; it gave me a sense of feeling like an individual but still belonging to a culture that I believe fitted my personality.

My sharp menswear collection ‘Scene’ has evolved from my admiration of the Mod look, I have taken their iconic style and put my own stamp on it; blending the retro look with a contemporary aesthetic. My collection is British Culture with modern twist featuring bold geometric prints which have always been a focus within my work. I wanted to design a collection where my personality shone through. I believe that leading innovators have a personal affinity towards the clothes that they design; hence why I opted to go down this research route, and make something that I can say represents me as a person.