Caitlin Glenn

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

My collection is inspired by Disney’s Fantasia 2000’s, Rhapsody in Blue. The short film is based in 1930's New York and follows four characters who are unhappy and long for something different. Duke wishes to be a jazz drummer, Joe wishes to have a job, the little girl Rachel wishes to spend more time with her parents and John wants to leave his snobby wife so he can embrace his fun personality. By the end of the film all the characters achieve their dreams and help each other do this without knowing. The animation is inspired and based around the classical/ jazz composition which was written by George Gershwin. The collection focuses on the mental health aspect of the animation, I have linked this to the feelings created by the global pandemic of hopelessness and isolation. The colour palette is influenced by a scene in which the character Joe is drinking coffee, in this scene the colours portray a melancholy feeling which sets the mood for the rest of the animation until the happy endings. Which is then what my alternative collection is influenced by; I took the colours from the final scene of the film and used them to make vibrant and playful digital prints.




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