Cerys Jones

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

Imitation jungle is designed with a strong environmental and sustainable ethos which acts as a focal point throughout the collection, presenting itself as an environmental campaign in the form of portraiture and campaign slogans within the final garments. This intends to represent the voices and frustration of the younger generation to encourage sustainable practise. The inspiration for Imitation jungle started with research into urbanization and how our current younger generation have responded by “bringing the outside in” to create own unique “urban Jungles” through tropical houseplant styling. Correct fabric, component and fastening choice is a crucial element within this project, it is essential that it takes a sustainable journey to ensure the effects it has on the environment are minimal. Imitation jungle embraces sustainability by showcasing biodegradable fabric alternatives to synthetics with the incorporation of recycled materials in the final garments. The main fabric choices include pure organic hemp, bamboo, organic cotton (dyed using eco dyes) and recycled leather. This aims to reduce the ecological consequences fashion has on the planet, with hope to encourage this on a larger widespread scale.