Lisa Voelker

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

The concept behind my collection has been inspired by the movie 'The Royal Tenenbaums' produced by Wes Anderson. I have been inspired by the colour concept of the movie and the main characters have influenced my design and research ideas. The quirky main characters are characterized by breakdowns and mental illness. They are looking for their childhood and holding on to it in an adult age. With this collection I want to express the aspect of the INNER CHILD in the shell of an adult's body. My silhouettes developed from my initial film research, I have combined two different design aesthetics within this collection; including avantgarde and sporty style. Design detailing and fabric choices also developed from key characteristics of the film; sporty details and fabrics combinations with chic, couture-like pattern cutting and materials; shrunken silhouettes opposed to wide-fitting garments. The Wes Anderson's film can be interpreted in many different ways, this justifies why some outfits and garments in the collection are adjustable and can be combined and worn in different ways. The significance of improving mental health in modern society is becoming increasingly important; therefore, I draw attention to the film and the mental illness of the characters through lettering and embroidered words.