Madeleine Sugden

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

Sisterhood is a high-end collection, designed by women, made by women, for women. Visually influenced by the art of tattooing, to make a statement in opposition to the exploitation of tattooed women breaking the stigma that women with ink are unprofessional and have looser morals, often branded with the term ‘tramp stamp’ when tattooed in certain places. As tattooing was an industry initially led by men, vintage menswear garments inspired the silhouettes for the garments in the collection which have been reimagined purposefully for women. Draping menswear shirts, knitwear and blazers on a female mannequin provided a starting point for design thinking. As a young tattooed woman, I have personally felt the judgement and mistreatment of choosing to show myself in a certain way. As a designer in today’s society, it goes without saying, sustainability is key to a successful collection. Animal rights and climate change are both issues close to my heart, as a vegan I think it is our responsibility to reverse the effects of global warming. Sisterhood uses locally sourced fabrics to reduce airmiles in production, natural yarns are used in the knitwear that flows throughout the collection alongside deadstock and recycled trims.