Megan Gardner

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

My work focuses on combining intricately crafted textiles with classic and effortless design. During my final year of study, I worked in industry, expanding and harnessing my handcrafting skills and I am keen to use artisan textiles to highlight the importance of slow fashion and its benefits for sustainability. I have worked alongside four companies, giving me two years’ experience in industry and I have now worked with Eden Keshia, a bespoke designer brand for over a year. Through the variety of projects, I have worked on, I have been able to embrace slow fashion - from its sustainability, to the limitless bounds of intricate techniques; slow fashion encompasses everything extraordinary about the industry. I have learnt and experienced the process behind bespoke design and creative, innovative hand-embellishments such as beading, and I intend to show others the limitless bounds of such intricate techniques.