Eleanor Tindall

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

The main inspiration and idea behind this collection was my heritage and where I grew up and call home. For me that is the North Yorkshire Moor, and all the countryside areas surrounding. To start my ideas for my designs I looked at traditional garments worn by men during the shoot season and farming. The typical tweed suit is a heavy inspiration within this collection, however I really wanted to put a feminine twist on it by combining it with styles that I love and really reflect my won fashion choices such as big princess ball gown style dresses. For the textiles aspect of my work, I looked to the flora and fauna of the Moors and what nature has to offer. I found the sunrises and sunsets on a clear day to be highly effective when translated into print and could be further enhanced when combined with embroidery details taken from plants such as the heather and ferns that grow across the Moors.