Emily Oakes

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

Throughout my degree I have learnt a variety of skills to ready me for the industry; including time management, organisation and working independently. During the last year I focused on creating a portfolio tailored towards women’s Athleisure and then explored more of a commercial outlook on Menswear for my alternative collection. My collection named ‘Alpine Venturer’, is inspired by mountaineering, initial research stemmed from watching the documentary ‘The Dawn Wall’ on Netflix. I was in complete owe of the climber Tommy Caldwell, who created the route and completed the first free ascent of the Dawn Wall. I investigated the route of this specific climb and the climbing grade used to measure the climb was used across my branding, designs, and textiles. An online archive of outdoor recreation catalogues was beneficial across designing and impactful when choosing a colour scheme for the collection. Another main inspiration was my dad’s mountaineering equipment like tents, sleeping bags and backpacks. I also visited a CP Company exhibition, which featured outerwear garments from the company's last 50 years in production. A collection that stood out to me was the ‘Transformables’ where garments had multifunctional features, i.e., a jacket transforming into a tent.