Georgina Walls

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

The aim of my graduate collection is to create my own "Dreamland" invoking the feeling of dreaming and floating away from everyday stresses. This dream like feeling has been created using natural imagery, as it is linked to having soothing properties. Therefore, the central imagery of my collection is focused on clouds and their unusual formations, drawn from the child-like notion of gazing up at the clouds daydreaming of the future. Dreams are often associated with strong visual imagery, however I have contrasted this by looking at how the visually impaired experience dreams. The visually impaired can experience visual dreams, however it is more likely they will experience tactile or touch sensations. By interviewing three participants with visual impairments within my research I was able to create a tactile labelling system making my work inclusive to those with visual impairments. Further design direction was taken from 1820's fashion, the birthplace of Braille. Fitted corset bodices and other historical references found in my research feature throughout the collection contrasted with oversized pieces inspired by the volume of clouds, creating a contrast between the two styles. Ultimately combining scenes, sight and touch to create a fully immersive and inclusive collection.