Gracie Noakes

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

The concept behind my collection is based on my families personal experience with a gene called BRCA2. This gene genes normally protect us from breast and ovarian cancer. A mutation in one of these genes means that protection is lost. Over time, this may mean cancers are more likely to develop. I wanted to face this challenging topic to spread awareness of the gene and to get the gene talked about. I took the opportunity to use my textile integration to be able to do this though wording spread across garments with either sublimation printing or digital embroidery. I chose bright bold colours to stand out and make people pay attention to the clothes, this idea developed from a diagram of the gene structure. I wanted my collection to also be highly commercial sportswear with a purpose. If this gene is more talked about it will help families be able to cope with the challenging news, get tested and potentially act before the worst may happen. There is a 1 in 2 (50%) chance of passing the mutation on to the children of the person effected.