Nadia Hadhrami

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

I am a designer who is passionate about designing a garment/collection that has a meaning, story and a messaging behind. Therefore, My Collection " Hands of My Hijab" is a collection to bring awareness to the fashion industry to design more modest wear that actual fits with modest/Muslim women needs. The collection is Avant-garde in terms of silhouette, textile and print use. The prints and embroidery on this collection are bright and bold in each garment. I have also used UV (glow in dark) thread in a look 2 representing the hidden details when the butterfly opens its wings. This also links to the way Muslim women cover their beauty by dressing modestly. As in many cultures butterflies symbolise hope, change and resilience. Therefore, it will represent the message behind my collection which is a change in the fashion market and hope for Muslim women to be resilient about dressing to what makes them feel confident and that represent their personality. “Hands of My Hijab” is a contemporary and influential collection that can be worn by any women wither she wears a hijab or not. This collection is to empower Muslim women to be confident with who they are.