Sanjana Khurana

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

This collection focuses on how meditation helps to transform all negative forces into positive ones by connecting them to the oneness of self and its environment. The highpoint of the collection is looking inside us which is a huge reservoir of courage, wisdom and compassion. It highlights peace and happiness through self-realization and changing one’s heart. Everyone can aspire for the highest life state where they can overcome their inner self from hunger, greed, animality and Other lower life states, and convert poison of life into medicine. This is the only way we can hope for peaceful and sustainable fashion. To Buddhists, existence is a vicious and endless loop of life, death, rebirth and suffering. A soul can reborn into five or six phases or states of this circle, loop. A demon holds it. Twelve stages of origin which are basically dependent are represented surrounding the rim. I want to depict how human life goes in circles and changes one’s perspective to life when one meditates. The theme behind my collection is how meditation changed my life from a timid, docile and under-confident girl into a shining individual full of life and happiness.