Samantha Turner

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

Control. Over. Your. Own. Life. We should all dress to feel comfortable in ourselves and in a way which is truly our own. I have designed the C.O.Y.O.L collection with this empowerment through fashion in mind. The garments are androgynous with oversized style and are made to be interchangeable with one another to allow the wearer to express how they feel. The silhouettes are inspired by historical armour whereas the textiles applications are taken from insect armour. The colours are dark and strong to allow the wearer to show their presence and not shy away from the day. My outfits consist of many construction techniques and features a few soft tailored garments made from wool. This collection also contains both digitally and hand done textiles techniques to promote the positive aspects of each technique in their own way. I feel as though the confidence generated from dressing for the day you want to have should be accessible to everyone, so I have created this collection to be gender neutral and available for all people to wear it. As a designer, I would like for everyone to be able to feel as though they can enjoy the art that I create.