Ummara Amjad

Fashion Design with Textiles BA(Hons)

My experience as an immigrant made me reflect on how humans adapt to different cultures, food, fashion, and language. In this collection I wanted to capture my journey from moving from Pakistan to England in my collection through jellyfish. I captured the poetic nature of the jellyfish body movement in the aquarium. The numerous ways the body of jellyfish moves creates infinite kind of shapes, structure, and movement. Movement in jellyfish is then translated into my collection the garments will move at the speed of the wearer walks. The aim to make this collection is to translate my journey of moving into a one-off piece couture collection. The digital print which is a big part of my collection was created using alcohol inks which then were blown to create stain like effect, each colour used for the artwork represents my milestones since moving to England, and where the colours are combined it represents the two different cultures merged. Having movement in my garments is important to me as it allows the fabric to move freely with the body, which refers to the movement in jellyfish.